Wonder how we bring you affordable genuine leather shoes?  

Ever since the launch of our brand earlier this year with several heels collection, we have learnt much from customer feedback and gathered that a must have for Singapore ladies are comfy flats. Heels are our fantasy but flats are our reality. Every lady needs a good pair of flats for daily use. We just love to walk!  


Our flats collection gives you the best deal as our entire collection featuring only 100% full genuine lambskin or cowhide leather are brought to you exclusively online, beating the prices of those sold at retail or departmental stores in Singapore. Genuine leather shoes are prized for their softness, natural feel, comfort, durability, breathability and aging well over time as genuine leather shoes do not flake or peel. A pair of genuine leather shoes is the epitome of comfort and quality, there is simply no other.


Through our experience selling online and offline at retail & departmental stores, we know that shoe prices are marked high due to steep rental/labour cost. In Singapore, there is simply no way to hide from high retail store costs. Rents can range anywhere from $10,000 -$30,000/month for better locations not including labour expenses which in itself is an immense challenge in labour-starved Singapore.

The expensive decor and labour needed at these stores have all been worked into the price of your shoe. Remember anyways, once you have left any store, your shoe that you bought, and its quality and comfort is all that matters. Moving forward, we will focus on being a full online/direct warehouse store so that savings from high overheads are all passed to you. The trend in Singapore these days, whether be it furniture, bathroom accessories or home furnishings seems to be visiting the warehouse direct to get a better deal, so why not for genuine leather shoes?


A pair of genuine leather shoes is generally costly as the material and tedious production process are expensive to ensure the product lasts longer than normal shoes. There is simply no way to push down prices for these shoes sold at retail stores due to high margins needed but knowing customers can be price sensitive and to be competitive, some try to push down prices by using lower grades of leather or combining cheaper non-leather material either in the upper, lining or insole. Insole padding and quality may also be reduced to cut costs. All these factors can adversely affect comfort or leather condition over time. Our shoes feature only full genuine leather on the shoe upper, inner-lining and insole, giving you expensive & quality material but at affordable prices.

Besides, we find that most brands are manufactured from similar sources and countries. We too manufacture from sources which have been producing high quality leather shoes for over 20 years.


After months of planning and carefully curating designs, we bring you an online exclusive genuine leather flats collection that gives you a deal like no other. Our flats can even be your go-to shoe every day out of the house. Knowing a certain Basement 1 level near Orchard MRT is the holy grail for buying shoes, we wish to change your perception that you are able to get great designs at the same quality or better but at lower prices.

We know ladies just love to try on shoes to check for comfort and size. We wish we had a store downtown for you to conveniently visit, but then it would be impossible to give you this great shoe deal. Rents there are astronomical.

That is why, we warmly invite & encourage you to visit our showroom at the address below to try on/exchange/receive after-sales service like cleaning of shoes. Our showroom can be easily reached by public transport, the bus stops right outside our building. See directions here.

Call us anytime at +65 6219 5682 or Insta message us at @emelynshoes for a quick response!

We wish to change the way you think about high prices and quality of shoes. Quality and comfortable shoes need not be highly priced when you are able to disrupt trational selling channels. Come to our showroom and try them on for yourself to see what we mean. Loving your feet while loving your wallet!